Fantastic creature up close: Phayre's leaf monkey

With long slender tails and glass-rimmed eyes covered in silver-blue fur, Phayre's leaf monkeys weave in and out of the dense woods, hanging upside down, frolicking happily, picking wild fruit and drinking water by the streamside. In 2017, eco-photographer Zheng Shanhe stumbled upon a large group of Phayre's leaf monkeys in southwestern China's Yunnan Province. Records showed it was the biggest Phayre's leaf monkey population discovered in a single region in China. They were once on the verge of extinction. After several years of preservation efforts, their total population in the region has increased by over a hundred. How were the monkeys rediscovered? What changes were made to help their population recover? August 15 is China's first "National Ecological Day," let's follow CGTN's Tian Wei and eco-photographer Zheng Shanhe to meet the legendary creature up close and find the answers to these questions – and many more.

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