Are there hidden U.S. motives behind recent tensions in Ren'ai Jiao?
Reality Check

Are there hidden U.S. motives behind the recent tensions in the South China Sea? Herman Tiu Laurel, President of Asian Century Philippines Strategic Studies Institute sheds light on the American involvement in engineering narrative from the very beginning.


Herman Tiu Laurel: In fact, I think there are not enough questions being asked by the ordinary Filipino who are emotionally reacting to this. Because if they did, they would find out that it's the Americans engineering this from the very beginning, because the report that was flushed in all the newspapers came from Raymond Powell, an ex-U.S. Air Force colonel from the Gordian Knot Center. And there were three U.S. warplanes or monitoring planes overhead when this was going on. And they supplied the video material to the local Philippine media.

Liu Xin: Why do you think the United States step up their involvement in the case to stir up the sentiments?

Herman Tiu Laurel: Well, the U.S. and Philippine coast guard are going to start their joint patrols later this year, in the last quarter of the year, probably in November. So, this is a preparation towards that and towards the escalation of the tension with China in the region. This is also strengthening the justification for the U.S. bases in the Philippines that are being expanded today. So, the Americans have the motive to support the Philippines in challenging of this sovereignty over this area.

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