Asian Elephant Sanctuary Ep. 3: Learning to swim can save your life

In June, the wet season arrives in southwestern China. Ample rainfall nourishes the exuberant rainforest and swells the ancient Manlao River in Yunnan with untrammeled vigor. However, for Broken Foot and its family, this is not good news, as they have to wade across the swollen waters to get to their destination. An accident could happen anytime, as one of the baby elephants is in danger of getting pushed away by the rapid water. Can it survive? Watch the video to find out.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Asian Elephant Sanctuary Series

In 2021, 16 Asian elephants left their habitat and embarked on a journey northward. Their unusual trip puzzled millions of viewers on the internet. Eventually, after a 17-month odyssey, the herd returned to their home. To find out what sparked this magnificent trek and get closer to this fascinating species, CGTN Nature traveled to Yunnan Province and discovered some interesting stories about these big guys. Stay tuned for the new series: Asian Elephant Sanctuary!

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(Cover image is a video screenshot; video shot by the CGTN Nature's film crew)

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