Tornado kills two, injures 15 in east China's Jiangsu

A tornado killed two people and injured 15 others after hitting Yancheng City in east China's Jiangsu Province on Sunday afternoon, local authorities said.

Triggered by strong convection weather, the tornado occurred in some parts of Yancheng's Dafeng District at around 16:15 local time on Sunday.

Experts rated the tornado as EF2, a moderate level with wind speeds reaching 86 to 110 miles per hour. 

Authorities said the 15 injured people have been hospitalized and are not in life-threatening conditions. 

A total of 283 rural houses and 32 vegetable greenhouses have been damaged, and the situation in the affected areas is being further investigated, authorities said. 

Local departments across emergency response, firefighting, electric power, public health and civil affairs have organized forces to treat the injured, repair power lines, assess the disaster situation and comfort the affected people.

All residents in the tornado-hit areas have been relocated to safe places, and the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction process is underway, according to authorities.

(Cover image via CFP)

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