China to boost robotics industry with raft of policy measures

Beijing's local government introduced a series of measures to promote the innovative development of the robotics industry on Wednesday while the 2023 World Robot Conference is being held in the city.

The measures seek to speed up innovations and breakthroughs in robotics, enhance the development of industrial clusters, and boost its applications.

These measures include financial incentives to encourage the implementation of key projects, establishment of robotics industrial bases, and cultivation of specialized, refined, differentiated and innovative robotics enterprises.

Over recent years, China has rolled out a range of policies and blueprints to facilitate the development of the industry.

In June this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and other government departments jointly issued the "robotics+" action plan, which set the target of doubling China’s manufacturing robot density by 2025 compared with the level in 2020.

The plan called for a focus on the application of robots in 10 key sectors and breakthroughs in more than 100 innovative application technologies and solutions.

China's robotics industry witnessed rapid development in recent years. In 2022, the operating income of the country's robotics industry topped 170 billion yuan ($23 billion), with 443,100 industrial robots and 6.46 million service robots delivered, according to MIIT.

Under the 14th Five‑Year Plan, China will prime itself into a global center for robotics innovation, advanced manufacturing and integrated applications by 2025. The plan also envisages an average annual revenue growth rate of more than 20% from the robotics sector.

(With input from Xinhua; Cover via CFP)

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