China calls on Guatemala's new govt to make 'correct' choice on one-China principle

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday called on the new government of Guatemala to make the correct choice on the one-China principle.

Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for the ministry, made the appeal to the Central American country in response to questions about its just-concluded presidential election.

"The election is domestic affairs of Guatemala, on which I will not comment," Wang told a regular press briefing in Beijing.

"I want to emphasize once again that the one-China principle is a widely recognized norm of international relations and a universal consensus of the international community," he said. "And establishing diplomatic relations with China is a correct choice in line with the historical trend of development and progress of the times."

The spokesperson noted that Guatemalans in different fields have expressed aspirations for their country to establish diplomatic relations with China during recent interviews with the media.

That shows it is in line with the fundamental interests of Guatemala and the aspirations of its people to develop relations with China, added Wang.

"We hope the new government of Guatemala will make the correct decision that serves the fundamental and long-term interests of the country and its people."

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(Cover: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin. /CFP)

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