Tech Talk: We have to rethink our attitude to new technologies: nanorobot expert

The World Robot Conference 2023 successfully concluded on Tuesday in China's capital city Beijing. Extended from five days to seven, the conference has become one of the largest robot feasts in the world, attracting global robot experts sharing their ideas about autonomous technology.

Among the experts is Sergej Fatikow, head of the Microrobotics Division at the University of Oldenburg, who talked about the fabulous world of nanorobotics during a seminar held during the conference.

Fatikow provided his definition of nanorobotics, while explaining why we need to dive into the microcosm with robots and the possible approaches to implement such technologies.

After the seminar, Fatikow talked with CGTN Digital, saying humans should not be afraid of nanorobots and we should learn to rely on "robotization" just like we are doing with digitization.

He said he's not a fan of sharing the world with robots. Instead, he said it's more important to make good use of the robotic tools to serve humanity.

The visit to World Robot Conference is not Fatikow's first trip to China. In fact, he started working with Chinese scientists a long times ago.

He said he appreciates the fact that there are many scientists and engineers in China who are fond of robot tech. He also described the potential of China's vast robot market and the enterprises that are investing big money in this field.

Video editor: Wu Chutian.

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