The yellow weasel has no good reason to visit chickens at New Year
Liu Zhiqin
Taipei City, Taiwan. /CFP
Taipei City, Taiwan. /CFP

Taipei City, Taiwan. /CFP

Editor's note: Liu Zhiqin is a senior fellow at Renmin University's Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies. The article reflects the author's opinions and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

In China, there is a well-known saying: "The yellow weasel has no good reason to visit chickens at New-Year", which warns people to watch out for false friends.

The United States has signed an initiative for trade relations in the 21st century between the U.S. and Taiwan. This initiative is regarded as a yellow weasel paying a visit to Taiwan people, because the real purpose is to increase tensions between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan and encourage separatists in Taiwan to become more dependent on the United States.

The Chinese mainland has become Taiwan's largest trade partner in recent years. In 2021, the total volume of trade between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan reached to 320 billion U.S. dollars compared with 104.8 billion U.S. dollars with the United States.

The Chinese mainland's reason for trade with Taiwan is to improve of the living standards of people in Taiwan through lower priced products and revenue from exports.

Trade with the Chinese mainland has contributed greatly to prosperity in Taiwan.

In comparison, the United States is coercing Taiwan into paying high prices to import weapons from the U.S. and low-quality foodstuffs subject to weak regulations.

The trade relations between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan bring peace, harmony, unity and prosperity. On the contrary, the United States is trying to bring war, hostility, division and suffering.

Now the United States is acting as a yellow weasel to cheat Taiwan with this initiative. But this initiative will not help the United States to realize its goal to contain and restrain China.

The reason behind this is clear. The Chinese mainland does not want the United States to provide Taiwan with weapons. But the United States cannot be like the Chinese mainland, providing Taiwan with security, prosperity, harmony, peace, equality, respect and dignity.

The United States uses three tricks to cheat Taiwan and the rest of the world.

Firstly, it fabricates and spreads rumors to smear China and scare the people from their desire to be united with the Chinese mainland.

Secondly, it claims to bring freedom by providing weapons to ensure the safety of Taiwan. But these weapons will not bring peace but instead provoke Chinese to act against Chinese. This is dangerous and foolish.

Thirdly, the U.S. promises two-way trade. But behind the cooperation, the United States just wants to get control of key industries such as moving semiconductor production lines from Taiwan to the United States to strengthen the capability of the United States to take control of the whole industry and supply chain. 

What can Taiwan receive from these tricks? Nothing except humiliation. 

The global community understands that China plays a stabilizing role in the global community while the United States is an agitator.

Taiwan has been part of China for thousands of years. The people in Taiwan will definitely give up the fantasy that the United States will deliver paradise and realize that to be united with the Chinese mainland is the best choice and decision for Taiwan.

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