Shi Qi: Encouraging innovation through three forms in one

That art is either representational or abstract is a commonly-held viewpoint. But it's one that Shi Qi doesn't agree with. As an artist who's constantly seeking innovation, he has challenged this conventional belief by proposing the concept of "Three Forms in One." As far as he's concerned, the binary of representation and abstraction is incomplete; the trio of representation, impression and abstraction offers a fuller picture, defining both life and artistic creation. His concept has received recognition in art circles, and has inspired a growing interest in the innovative approach known as "New Chinese Painting." As Shi Qi himself says, "In the natural world, some things are clear, and others are hidden; then there are things that are partially clear." He goes on, "Humans aren't entirely defined by truth. There's truth, there's falsehood, and there's half-truth."

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