Tale of the Godzillas

Editor's note: Despite protests from neighboring countries, the Japanese government insists on its plan to discharge the Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean. As the discharge begins on August 24, it not only endangers the global ecosystem but the well-being of humanity as well. T-House's satirical animation features a hypothetical conversation between a Japanese salesman and a female student from South Korea. How dangerous could the nuclear wastewater be? Have a look! The views expressed in the video are not necessarily those of CGTN.

Male: Kampai Juice? Kampai Juice?

Female: Annyong haseyo. What is Kampai Juice?

Male: Oh, you're Korean? Konichiwa.

Female: Yes. I'm an exchange student.

Male: Then you must try our legendary Kampai Juice.

Female: What is it?

Male: Fukushima Special Water. For you, special price. $15.

Female: What? $15 for a cup of radioactive wastewater?

Male: Yes. Made famous by our MP Yasuhiro Sonoda who drank a glass of it in 2011.

Female: Is he still alive?

Male: I don't know. But I think we shouldn't throw such valuable water into the ocean. Old Japanese proverb: Spilled water cannot return to the bowl.

Female: Really? And what else will you do with your Fukushima wastewater, besides selling it for drinks?

Male: Pour it into our own dams, of course!!

Female: For what?

Male: So that we can farm more Glow-in-the-dark-Sushi.

Female: Seriously?

Male: One of a kind!!! And we own the patents!!!

Female: Doesn't radioactive water kill people?

Male: Have you never heard of Spiderman? You know, radioactive spider... bite bite...

Female: But that's Hollywood fiction!!!

Male: And we can start our very own Godzilla Farms.

Female: What on earth would you want so many Godzillas for?

Male: To make movies, of course!!!

Female: You are insane!!!

Male: Imagine how many "Godzilla vs Ultraman" movies we can create, without ever using arubber suit!!! And how much money we could make!!!

Female: You've lost your mind!!!

Male: If Japan releases this precious juice into the ocean, the whole world will have their own Godzillas. How will we make money then?

Female: But the reports say drinking radioactive water will KILL YOU!!!

Male: You know the old proverb: If you believe everything you read, then better not to read.

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