Chinese manufacturers tap into growing trade opportunities in W Africa

Benin's president, Patrice Talon, is in Beijing on an official state visit. After being re-elected in 2021, the West African leader has been working with China to improve his country's business environment. Such efforts have attracted more private foreign investments, including Benin's first baby diaper factory. A Chinese company opened the facility last year in the port city of Cotonou, employing nearly 100 local staff. Benin welcomes such investments as it looks to modernize industries, though the country still struggles with inadequate infrastructure as well as a shortage of skills and raw materials. Talon is expected to advocate for further investment from China during his stay in the country. Talon's visit comes a week after the BRICS summit, where two more African members were added to the bloc of powerful emerging nations. Professor Qin Shengyong, director of the Center for African Study at Sun Yat-sen University, applauds China's continuous efforts to shore up ties in the Global South, which he says will challenge the US dollar and provide a "stabilizing ballast" for the world economy.

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