Lijiang Series Ep. 2: The orchid that resembles ladies' slippers

Cypripedium flowers have distinguished shapes with an inflated pouch that resembles a slipper, hence the genus' common name, "lady's slipper orchids." Often colorful and striking, they can be found under trees, in small openings, or in grassy meadows.

CGTN Nature's film crew encountered four species of the orchids and captured their beauty on camera in Lijiang City, southwest China's Yunnan Province. Watch the video to learn more.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Lijiang Series

"Plant kingdom" and "home of Yunnan medicines" are among the nicknames given to a famous city in southwest China's Yunnan Province – Lijiang. Not only are the numerous plant species a calling card, but the city is also well-known for its peaks and mountains, as well as weird-looking animals. In this series, CGTN Nature unveils the mysteries of a city that's full of surprises.

(Cover image a video screenshot; video by CGTN Nature film crew)

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