TCM at CIFTIS: How your pulse can be recorded and played like music

Pulse diagnosis is important in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The TCM doctor places his fingers on the patient's wrist to diagnose their health, but sometimes the doctors and the patients can't be in the same place.

At the ongoing China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), a "Pulse Recorder" and a "Pulse Player" machine are making long-distance pulse diagnoses possible. 

The first machine records the patient's pulsating signals, turns it into electronic data, and uploads it to the cloud server. Then the second machine downloads the data and turns it into a simulated pulse, which can be felt through the artificial skin.

This technology can be used for internet medical services and online TCM education. The pulses that were diagnosed by experienced TCM doctors can be recorded and uploaded for students across China to feel and study.

Videographer: Guo Huakang

Video editor: Guo Meiping

Cover image: Li Wenyi

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