China hopes U.S. to create conditions for climate cooperation: MOFA

China hopes the United States will work with it to create favorable conditions and an atmosphere for bilateral climate cooperation, said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning at a press briefing in Beijing on Wednesday.

"Climate change is a global challenge and calls for a global response," said Mao. "China's position on climate change is consistent and clear."

"We are committed to building a global climate governance system featuring equity, rationality and win-win cooperation," she added.

Mao told the media that "China has done its best" to shoulder the responsibilities and obligations commensurate with its national conditions and "made positive contributions" to international cooperation on climate change.

"China and the United States once jointly pushed for the conclusion and coming into effect of the Paris Agreement," she said. "We hope that the U.S. side will work with China to create favorable conditions and atmosphere for China-U.S. climate cooperation."

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