Torch of Hangzhou Asian Games adorned with ancient cultural motifs
Updated 16:23, 07-Sep-2023

Named the "Eternal Flame," the symbolic torch of the 19th Asian Games set to take place in Hangzhou, features design elements from China's long and rich history of civilization to celebrate this grand sporting event and convey blessings to the world.

The 73-centimeter-high torch weighs 1.2 kilograms, and its surface features patterns and motifs from ancient Chinese culture combined with modern design aesthetics.

Named the
Named the "Eternal Flame," the torch of the 19th Asian Games presents a unique design featuring ancient and modern Chinese elements. /CFP

Named the "Eternal Flame," the torch of the 19th Asian Games presents a unique design featuring ancient and modern Chinese elements. /CFP

The design of the head of the torch was inspired by one of China's rarest ritual jade pieces, the "Jade Cong," which represents traditional Chinese wisdom and features a harmonious integration of square and round forms. The burner nozzle was based on an oracle bone inscription featuring the earliest Chinese characters, which translate as "light traveling in cycle inside."

The elaborate swirl marks on the torch body were based on the evolution of the Liangzhu Culture, shaped like dermatoglyphic fingerprint patterns. These patterns end with Chinese knot tassels - distinctive oriental elements that demonstrate the solidarity and unity of participants in the Asian Games - with the aim of sending good wishes to the participants.

The base of the torch is embossed with eight water veins demonstrating the eight major river systems in Zhejiang Province, which gave birth to generations of residents in that region and nourished the local history and culture.

As a symbol of the unity between the participants in the sporting events, the design of the torch also echoes the theme of the 19th Asian Games - "Heart to Heart, @Future." The torch has eight grooves on each side, converging to the @ icon in the upper center.

The torch also contains depictions of Chinese heritage, natural scenery and local customs, to show the wisdom of ancient China, the development of modern China, and hopes for the future China in a visual language.

The "Eternal Flame" encapsulates the idea of Chinese civilization being passed on from generation to generation as well as representing the sporting spirit of the event. Athletes from all over the world are gathering in Hangzhou City to celebrate the grand occasion together. Here the participants will be able to showcase their individual sporting skills, celebrate their achievements, explore Chinese history and culture, and experience local life.

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