The 19th Asian Games torch relay showcases the charm of Zhejiang
Updated 17:28, 08-Sep-2023

The Hangzhou Asian Games torch relay took place on September 8 in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province.

The torch relay route included stops around the city's West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The route started in Yongjin Park Square and ultimately reached the picturesque destination of "Pinghu Qiuyue," one of the Ten Scenes of West Lake. The relay route spanned a total of 5.2 kilometers and can be described as a remarkably scenic journey around West Lake.

A total of 2,022 torchbearers – along with mascots Chenchen, Congcong and Lianlian – participated. The relay showcased the unique characteristics and cultural significance of 11 cities in Zhejiang, following a route that emphasized simplicity and highlighted the ethos of being "green, smart, economical and ethical."

Video source: Publicity Department of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee

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