Ancient trees on Yulong Snowy Mountain get digital ID cards
Updated 18:18, 12-Sep-2023


Yulong Snowy Mountain, famous for its scenery, is a nature reserve in Yunnan and a hotspot for global biodiversity research.

Spruce Meadow, a famous scenic spot of Yulong Snowy Mountain, is surrounded by primitive forests at an altitude of about 3,200 meters. The area has the most representative dark coniferous forests in northwestern Yunnan, and is dedicated to scientific research units for sampling, monitoring and research.

Fir trees are the main tree species in this area. There are various species of rare fir trees which make this dark coniferous forest unique and precious. At the same time, there are a variety of herbs with medicinal and edible qualities.

Lijiang spruce, also known as Picea likiangensis, is one of the plants named after Lijiang City, and its age is estimated to be around 240 years. The tallest tree in the sample plot is about 385 years old.

Due to the high scientific value of ancient trees in the Spruce Meadow area, scientific research organizations have put a "identity card" on them.

The digital ID cards store the fundamental data about the trees that a new monitoring and management system has gathered.

The system assists rangers in examining growing environments and conditions and keeping track of physiology, climate, diseases, and pests by providing basic information about the trees.

In addition to tracking the damage a tree has endured and the severity of any damage, the system can determine whether a tree is healthy, weak, or dying.

Scientific research confirms that Yulong Snowy Mountain is rich in plant species. "Through the plant census, the total number of plants identified is 2,912 species, and there are 800 species of Chinese herbs, and we have discovered 285 more species through the census in the past few years," said Leng Quan, director of the administration of Yulong Snow Mountain Nature Reserve.

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