China strongly opposes EU's anti-subsidy probe into Chinese EVs

China has expressed strong opposition to the European Union's (EU) anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese electric vehicles, a spokesperson from the Chinese Commerce Ministry said on Thursday.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Wednesday that the commission was launching an anti-subsidy investigation into electric vehicles coming from China. China regards such measures as pure protectionism, which has the potential to harm China-EU economic and trade ties, the spokesperson said.

China has always been open-minded and cooperative and welcomes European automobile companies to expand their investment in China, including in the electric vehicle sector, the spokesperson said. 

The ministry urges the EU to conduct dialogues and consultations with China and create a fair, non-discriminatory environment for developing the electric vehicles industry for China and the EU.

(Cover: File photo of the Chinese Commerce Ministry. /CFP)

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