Experts: Countries should look to China for water management solutions

The 18th World Water Congress is underway in China's Beijing. Alongside nearly 700 Chinese water resource professionals, the five-day event has gathered some 600 international delegates from 60 countries and regions to share their knowledge and experience in water resources management, and work towards achieving "Water for All: Harmony between Humans and Nature." 

International delegates lauded China's role in developing remedies to large-scale problems in the field of water management within its own borders and beyond.

"It might be that some of the interesting solutions and programs we heard this morning from the minister and other participants at the opening session are the solutions that can be very effectively shared by other countries," said Slobodan Simonovic, chairperson of the International Conferences on Flood Management.

"You have a very big potential for building up infrastructure, not only in China, but, of course, in Africa and in the Asian region of the world. So, it could be really beneficial if we are, let's say, learning from the Chinese expertise," said Peter Kovacs, Director of the River Basin Management and Water Protection Department, Hungary's Ministry of Interior.

Data shows that China's water use per 10,000 yuan of GDP (about $1,373.08) has dropped by 46.5 percent from 2012, and its water use per 10,000 yuan of industrial value added dropped more than 60 percent.

Experts said such achievements highlight why countries around the world should look to China when drafting solutions to water challenges.

"China's water experience is huge, and China needs to provide to the world all these solutions in water security first but also to provide access to water for the whole, not only in urban cities but also in the rural areas. It's very important to find the good balance between the water for humankind and water for nature," said Loic Fauchon, President of the World Water Council.

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