Director Wuershan analyses 'Creation of the Gods' trilogy

"Creation of the Gods," China's new mythological epic film trilogy, has become a smash hit at domestic cinemas this summer. The film trilogy is based on "Investiture of the Gods," which is a well-known mythology in the country. "It is like the Iliad of Homer's Epic in ancient Greek mythology or the Arthurian legends for Western audiences. Its cultural significance is tremendous," said director Wuershan. 

He believes that ancient myths and legends of "King Wu Resists King Zhou" or the "Investiture of the Gods" are timeless, as they convey the enduring values and emotions of the Chinese nation, with iconic characters and narratives that transcend time. Drawing inspiration from classical Chinese art, the movie ensured its costumes and set design were deeply rooted in Chinese culture, creating a strong visual world for this mythological story.

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