China opposes politicization of drug issues: spokesperson of China's UN mission

China is opposed to any form of legalization of drugs and politicization of drug issues, said a spokesperson of the permanent mission of China to the United Nations.

The spokesperson made the remarks on Monday in response to media inquiries on China's position on synthetic drugs.

China is strongly against interference in other countries' domestic affairs in the name of drug control or the abuse of unilateral sanctions and "long-arm jurisdiction," added the spokesperson.

Taking a consistent and resolute stance on drug control, China carries out a people's battle against drugs, continues to deepen international anti-drug cooperation, vigorously addresses domestic drug-related issues, and actively contributes Chinese wisdom and solutions to global drug control, the spokesperson said.

"By far, China is the first and only country to officially schedule fentanyl substances as a class," the spokesperson noted.

China will continue to strive for a practical and effective international drug control system, and calls on all parties to firmly uphold the international drug control regime underpinned by the three United Nations anti-drug conventions, said the spokesperson.

"Narcotic drugs poison the world. It takes continuous efforts and genuine cooperation between countries to rigorously enforce drug control," the spokesperson said. "China will work with all parties to make greater contributions to the global drug control cause." 

(Cover photo: Headquarters of the United Nations, New York, United States. /CFP)

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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