Highlights from China's whitepaper on global community of shared future
Updated 18:58, 26-Sep-2023

China's State Council Information Office released a white paper titled "A Global Community of Shared Future: China's Proposals and Actions" on Tuesday.

Here are highlights from the white paper:

– The vision of a global community of a shared future has brought prosperity and stability to the world and created substantive benefits for the people.

– Globalization is not an option; it is the reality and the way of life.

– There is no iron law that dictates that a rising power will inevitably seek hegemony. The strong preying on the weak is not a way for humans to coexist. The zero-sum game in which one wins by causing others to lose is doomed to fail.

– When the world thrives, China thrives, and vice versa.

– To build a global community of shared future is to pursue openness, inclusiveness, mutual benefit, equity and justice. The goal is not to replace one system or civilization with another. Instead, it is about countries with different social systems, ideologies, histories, cultures and levels of development coming together to promote shared interests, shared rights, and shared responsibilities in global affairs. 

– Such a vision rises above the exclusive rules of bloc politics, the notion of might makes right, and the "universal values" defined by a handful of Western countries.

– Viewed from a "country-first" perspective, the world is small and crowded, and locked in "fierce competition"; viewed from the perspective of a shared future, the world is vast, and full of opportunities for cooperation.

– We should build a world of lasting peace. It means beating the swords of war into the plowshares of peace. We should build a world of common security for all. It means turning absolute security for one into common security for all. We should build a world of common prosperity. It means bidding farewell to the winner-takes-all mindset and sharing development achievements. We should build an open and inclusive world. It means bidding farewell to the mindset that one civilization is superior to another and starting to appreciate the strengths of other civilizations. We should make our world clean and beautiful. It means bidding farewell to the destructive exploitation of resources and preserving and enjoying the lush mountains and lucid waters.

– Opening up should be a two-way journey, not a one-way street; one cannot demand the opening of other countries while closing its own doors.

– Democracy is not Coca-Cola, tasting the same across the world as the syrup is produced in one single country. Democracy is not an ornament, but a solution to real problems.

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