Picture book tells story behind Port City Colombo: 'City Rising from the Ocean'

Sanjeewa Alwis, a senior engineer at Port City Colombo for the past seven years, has a key role in coordinating international contractors and local Sri Lankan authorities. His daughters Advini and Methni have many questions about the new city that he is helping to build. So, CHEC Port City Colombo, a subsidiary of the China Communications Construction Company, decided to publish a picture book titled "City Rising from the Ocean" to describe Sanjeewa's work. In the book, Sanjeewa explains the story of Port City to his beloved daughters. 

Port City is a major development under the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative. Located in the Sri Lankan capital, it is the largest single project to attract foreign investment. The development covers 269 hectares of reclaimed land and is expected to become a major business hub once it is completed.

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