China calls for efforts to advance two-state solution
Updated 22:19, 10-Oct-2023

Special Envoy of the Chinese Government on the Middle East Issue Zhai Jun spoke on the phone with an official from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry over the situation between Palestine and Israel, urging efforts to advance a two-state solution. 

According to a statement released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhai noted that China is deeply concerned about the current escalation of tension and violence between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, and is saddened by the large number of civilian casualties caused by the conflict.

"We reject and condemn acts against civilians and call for an immediate ceasefire," said Zhai. 

What underlies the repeated cycles of tensions between Palestine and Israel is the repeatedly delayed settlement of the Palestinian question, the Chinese envoy pointed out, adding he fundamental way out lies in the implementation of the two-state solution. 

He called for efforts to advance the two-state solution with the greatest sense of urgency. 

China is ready to maintain communication and coordination with the Egyptian side to promote a ceasefire between the two parties to the conflict as soon as possible and to promote the formation of a concerted effort by the international community to provide humanitarian support to the Palestinian people, so as to avoid a further deterioration of the humanitarian crisis in Palestine, in particular in the Gaza Strip, Zhang added. 

(Cover: Smoke billows from the Gaza's Rafah border crossing with Egypt during an Israeli airstrike, October 10, 2023. /CFP)

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