Rising with Pride: Medical advancement illuminates Kahuta

Editor's note: 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Over the past decade, BRI's philosophy has become deeply rooted in people's hearts and minds. It has brought profound changes to the local people's lives and countries' developments. Many stories have been told over the past decade about these changes. This docu-series, Rising with Pride, brings the audience the people-centered stories that show how the BRI has connected people and, more importantly, how it connected them to the pursuit of betterment in life.

Story Outline: This episode focuses on Pakistan shop owner Sheikh Noman Munir's courageous fight against Malaria. Residents living in the Kahuta District of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, previously faced enormous difficulties in seeking medical treatment. Many people lost their lives due to untimely treatment because they had to travel to nearby big cities to seek proper medical attention. The China-Pakistan Karot project is the first hydropower investment project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Since its launch, it has also assisted in the construction of public health facilities such as the THQ Hospital, making malaria no longer a threat to the locals.

Noman and his wife run their own business Peco and Laces. But, his sudden contraction of malaria disrupted their otherwise stable and happy life. However, after Noman contracted malaria, he received prompt diagnosis and treatment at the THQ Hospital. On the road to recovery, Noman rediscovered the meaning of life, and the relationship with his wife became stronger as a result. The BRI has lighted up the locals' hope for a better and healthier life and gave the district a solid foundation for greater development in the future.

This episode is directed and co-produced by directors in China and Pakistan and will also be broadcast by State TV Pakistan Television.

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