Qionglai Mountains Series Ep. 1: Where's the lamb? Ask the panda

Pandas are bamboo lovers, but that's not the only thing they love. In the Qionglai Mountains, one of the giant panda habitats in the country, a family loses several sheep every year. They were puzzled for a long time until someone saw a giant panda gnawing on bones. Since bamboo does not provide much energy, giant pandas, as carnivores, rely on other foods during tough autumn and winter months.

About Journeys in Nature: Qionglai Mountains Series

Giant pandas were first discovered in the Qionglai Mountains in southwest China's Sichuan Province. There are more than 500 wild pandas living in the mountains now. However, there are a lot more than just pandas. In this series, you will see red pandas, sambar deer and Tibetan macaques. CGTN Nature takes you on a journey to track the pandas deep in the bamboo groves and uncover some interesting stories with the locals.

(Cover image a video screenshot; video by the CGTN Nature film crew.)

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