CMG marks first anniversary of Leaders Talk

China Media Group (CMG) celebrated the first anniversary of the program Leaders Talk in Beijing on Friday.

Featuring exclusives with heads of state and high-ranking officials, as well as heads of international organizations, Leaders Talk, which was launched last October, offers fresh and perceptive insights into today's major world events.

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As of October 6, a total of 41 international dignitaries and six heads of international organizations have shared their views in the program. 

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi received an interview during his landmark visit to China in February. In the interview, he praised the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

"With China now investing in dozens of Belt and Road countries, it's undeniable that the people of those nations as well as China and Iran, stand to benefit," Raisi said.


President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev also received an interview, where he praised China's global initiatives and expected more cooperation and exchanges between the two countries.


In addition to discussing major events, the leaders also shared their personal experiences. 

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva told CGTN anchor Wang Guan he was a poor kid, working as a street vendor, before he became the president. "Life taught me to become the person I am today." 

Taking advantage of the multi-language, multi-channel, wide coverage and all-platform communication formed by the 68 languages, 191 overseas stations, TV, radio and new media boasted by CMG, the program has been viewed over 10 billion times so far.

Also, the program has been broadcast by 549 TV stations and new media platforms in 91 countries and regions, and relevant reports have been reprinted and relayed by more than 1,000 overseas mainstream media outlets.

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