Exclusive with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Editor's Note: The beginning of the Ukraine crisis has laid bare the deep divisions between great powers and cast doubt on the "rule-based order" built by the West. What should a multipolar world look like? How to make sure that the world is not divided between "first-class" and "second-class" countries and peoples? For this edition of Leaders Talk, CMG's Wang Guan traveled to Moscow and sat down with Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of his visit to China to attend the 3rd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. President Putin talks about Russia-China relations and how they have nurtured and developed in the last two decades, not only on the energy front, but in other areas of mutual interest. He tells Wang Guan how the Russian vision of an Eurasian Economic Union aligns with China's Belt and Road Initiative and why President Xi's concept of "building a global community of shared future" is realistic and coherent. President Putin also expresses at length his position on the conflict in Ukraine, and draws another parallel with Iran, saying that "the West keeps adding fuel to the fire."

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