Qinling Panda Series Ep. 1: The 'bamboo cuisine' endorsed by pandas
Updated 12:47, 31-Oct-2023

The Qinling Mountains, which lie between northern and southern China, host bountiful bamboo. The 150 or so varieties that thrive here constitute the majority of all bamboo species in China. Abundant bamboo resources fascinate the Qinling's precious fauna. The "bamboo cuisine" has not only become giant pandas' favorite dish but also attracts gourmets like the bamboo rats, snub-nosed monkeys and takins. World Wide Fund (WWF) China designated Oct. 27 as International Panda Day, hailing the global integrated conservation efforts of the bamboo-munching, black-and-white bear as an example to be followed in protecting other wild species. On this special day, get to know the panda from its favorite "bamboo cuisine" through the camera!

About Journeys in Nature: Qinling Panda Series

The Qinling Mountains divide China into north and south. The abundant natural resources have made Qinling home to countless flora and fauna. Among the residents here, giant panda with the life motto of "eat, sleep, repeat" becomes one of the most famous animals in the world. This series is going to present you the daily routine of this celebrity, alongside with its "neighbors" including the snub-nosed monkey, bamboo rats and takins. Follow CGTN's camera for more interesting stories!

(Cover image a video screenshot; video by the CGTN Nature film crew.)

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