Recycled and biodegradable products shine at Canton Fair

Low-carbon and environmentally friendly products were spotlighted at the 134th China Import and Export Fair.

Also known as Canton Fair, the event entered its third phase, which features five major sections covering toys, maternity and infant goods, fashion, home textiles, stationery and health and leisure products.

Some exhibitors said they have ditched plastics in their products in favor of materials that can naturally degrade in the environment.

"This time, we are showcasing these degradable diapers and pull-ups made with bamboo fiber. We've used degradable materials for the base, outer side and pad. Now, the degradable component of our products has reached up to 75 percent," said Huang Lesheng, an exhibitor.

According to statistics, about 430,000 low-carbon products are being showcased at the fair.

One rug exhibitor won the fair's award for products that conform to the concept of sustainable development, which it launched last year.

"One rug will consume about 180 to 230 of the plastic bottles we use in daily life. After the bottles are collected by our suppliers, they will be smashed, cut into pieces, weaved into yarn and polyester silk, and then made into carpet," said Yuan Ye, the award-winning exhibitor.

"China has set the goals for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. What we do is actively answering the call of our country by investing more in the industrial chain. The consumption demand for environmental-friendly products has also been rising in China and abroad," Yuan added.

The Canton Fair also adheres to the concept of green development, and exhibitors are advised to use professional and environmentally friendly materials to build their booths.

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