ICBC unveils Digital Inclusive Center

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) on Friday unveiled its Digital Inclusive Center in Beijing, marking a new starting point for the high-quality development of inclusive finance at ICBC.

ICBC said its newly unveiled center will focus on designing, developing, and operating online financing products for small and micro enterprises, deepen the application of digital technology, optimize the credit product experience, and forge a service quality that is "precise, smooth, and intelligent."

It aims to better serve small and micro-enterprise owners, individual businesses, agricultural breeders, and other business entities, as well as establish the center as a benchmark for the construction of a "digital ICBC."

This initiative by ICBC signifies the bank’s commitment to implementing China’s recent central financial work conference priorities, namely the "five major tasks."

Chen Siqing, chairman of ICBC, said that the central financial work conference has made comprehensive arrangements for financial work in the new era, and emphasized the need for the financial system to focus on five major tasks: financial technology, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance and digital finance.

It also requires state-owned banks, including ICBC among four major ones, to serve as the main force in supporting the real economy and maintaining financial stability.

In recent years, ICBC's inclusive loan balance has exceeded 2 trillion yuan and has consistently maintained a strong growth rate.

ICBC has accelerated its digital transformation, leveraging its advantages in financial technology to promote the leapfrog development of digital inclusive services.

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