UNESCO approves plan to set up STEM education institute in Shanghai
Updated 12:55, 12-Nov-2023
An aerial view of Shanghai. /CFP
An aerial view of Shanghai. /CFP

An aerial view of Shanghai. /CFP

The 42nd Session of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris adopted a resolution to establish the UNESCO International Institute for STEM Education (IISTEM) in Shanghai. This marks the first time that a UNESCO Category 1 Institute for science, technology, engineering and mathematics will be located in China.

During the session on November 9, representatives from various countries and regions expressed their opinions, setting a new record for the number of members speaking on a single agenda item at the UNESCO General Conference. They commended China's efforts and recognized them as a significant step towards fulfilling the Education 2030 Agenda.

Huai Jinpeng, China's education minister and head of the Chinese delegation, said that China would fully cooperate with the secretariat to implement the resolution. He added that the IISTEM is expected to gather together global wisdom and resources, propelling STEM education to new heights and contributing to the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

UNESCO IISTEM is the 10th Category 1 Institute established by UNESCO globally, and the first of its kind established outside of Europe and the Americas.

In the era of the global technology revolution, the IISTEM institute aims to promote inclusive, equitable, relevant and high-quality STEM education for all, from early years to adults. It will also serve as an information exchange center, a network hub, a resource base, and a capacity-building focal point in STEM education. 

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