Shanghai Major is expected to boost esports' popularity in 2024
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China's esports have developed fast in recent years and their influence in the industry has grown stronger. And the city of Shanghai is moving forward for being an esports center as Perfect World has announced plans for the Shanghai Major, which will debut in 2024. With the game taking a hold in China and Asia, there's hope the Shanghai Major will boost the game's popularity in the region.

The announcement was made during the final day of the 2023 CS Asia Championships, highlights the growing prominence of Shanghai in the global esports arena. The event will mark the first time that the game Counter-Strike will have a major in Asia since the tournament was introduced in 2013. It's also the first time for the highest level of that game to be in the continent since it was introduced in 1999. 

The 2023 edition is currently wrapping up in Paris, and Shanghai will host in December next year. The city also hosted League of Legends in 2020 and Dota 2 in 2019. In addition, Valorant, a different game, will also hold a Major in Shanghai next year.

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