Sense the spirit of Shenzhen through piano

The 30th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting has opened in San Francisco. To mark the occasion, CGTN has launched a special program called "Tunes from Two Cities," offering viewers a journey around Shenzhen and San Francisco through music to discover their dynamism and pioneering spirit. As a window into China's reform and opening-up, the rapid development of the Shenzhen special economic zone saw a small fishing village transform into a megacity at "Shenzhen Speed," drawing attention from around the world. Renowned Chinese pianist Tian Jiaxin has travelled to Shenzhen to compose a themed work of music about the city. By combining sections from the "Three Preludes" by composer Zhang Shuai and incorporating melodies from the Guangdong folk song "Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon," the pianist rendered a work rich in musical variation to represent the metropolitan spirit of Shenzhen.

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