Southwest Humanities Series Ep.1: How to find a panda in the mountain

Established 10 years ago, the Laohegou Protected Area in southwest China's Sichuan Province is a newcomer in Giant Panda National Park. The Tangjiahe Area adjacent to it was set up in 1978 as one of the key areas for giant panda research. The two areas gather their rangers for a joint patrol. They will trek 45 kilometers through jungles. Will they meet a giant panda along their way? 

About "Journeys in Nature: Southwest Humanities Series"

Home to the national treasure giant pandas, Sichuan Province in southwest China is never short of interesting stories between man and nature. Living by the edge of the forests, it's relatively common for the residents to encounter wild creatures, such as giant pandas and otters. In this series, we will show you how the locals get along with the animals and mother nature.

(All photos shot by CGTN Nature filming crew)

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