We Talk: A Chinese-American bond on the opera stage
Updated 20:32, 20-Nov-2023
Global Stringer

Peking Opera and Western opera, despite being distinct theatrical art forms with differences in cultural background and presentation, share a fundamental essence: they all use drama as a medium to convey emotions and pass on cultural heritage.

Peking Opera, a traditional Chinese theatrical genre, emphasizes on-stage performance, elaborate costumes and makeup, incorporating diverse elements such as singing, recitation, acting and martial arts. Western opera, which originated in Europe, utilizes singing and orchestral music as the primary modes of expression, focusing predominantly on emotive delivery through refined vocal techniques.

In this episode, follow the lives of Wang Daojun, a Peking Opera artist from China, and Rebekka Soibakk, an opera performer from the U.S., to discover their shared passion while performing different forms of classical art.

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