China's northeast province speeds up green energy development

Jilin Province is speeding up its development of clean energy generation to ensure a reliable energy supply and promote the full revitalization of the country's northeast region. Jilin Province's Baicheng City is located in a wind corridor between the Greater Hinggan Mountains and Changbai Mountains, making it an ideal place for developing wind power.

This year, Baicheng, whose area is less than 26,000 square kilometers, increased its installed capacity of new energy to over 10,000 megawatts, equivalent to nearly half of the capacity of the Three Gorges hydropower station, the largest of its kind in the world. Once on China's national list of poverty-stricken counties, Tongyu County in Baicheng has leveraged the potential of its natural environment, particularly wind power, to drive its green transformation. Today, the industrial output value of the area's wind power industry has accounted for 70 percent of the county's total industrial output value.

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