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China's supply chain expo unveils groundbreaking report on the sector


The venue of the China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo in Beijing China. /CFP
The venue of the China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo in Beijing China. /CFP

The venue of the China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo in Beijing China. /CFP

The China International Supply Chain Expo kicked off in Beijing on Tuesday, heralding the launch of the Global Supply Chain Promotion Report - a visionary piece aimed to strengthen international collaboration in the supply chain sector.

This groundbreaking effort takes a global perspectives on supply chains, introducing a comprehensive analysis system that quantifies and unravels the evolving trends in their global development, according to the event organizer, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

The report encompasses various facets, including infrastructure interconnectivity, multilateral and bilateral trade rules, policies fostering supply chain development, technological advancements, and financial safeguards.

The report places a strong emphasis on maintaining stability and efficiency in global industrial and supply chains. It advocates for adherence to market principles, promoting the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment to foster the smooth flow of resource factors. The report underscores the importance of global collaboration in the division of labor.

In a forward-looking move, the report places digital transformation at the forefront, aiming to advance digital technology innovation and application. It also supports collaborative efforts to strengthen digital infrastructure, encompassing information communication, cloud computing, data centers, and smart cities.

Recognizing the pivotal role of the global business community, the report encourages a focus on common interests. Businesses are urged to strengthen dialogue and cooperation, and trade and investment promotion agencies worldwide are called upon to leverage their unique advantages. This involves facilitating government-business dialogue, fostering public-private collaboration, and supporting governments in enhancing macro-policy coordination.

According to the CCPIT, over the past seven months, the CCPIT Research Institute has conducted extensive research, interviewing over a hundred individuals, including academics from Chinese academies, representatives from international organizations, and expert scholars.

This effort has resulted in the creation of a comprehensive report totaling nearly 150,000 words, available in both Chinese and English.

This report not only stands as the flagship publication of the Chain Expo but also represents a significant achievement in the CCPIT's endeavor to construct a high-level applied think tank for supply chain development.

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