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How did Song Dynasty people capture a dynamic moment in a painting?


Deer, Pines and Spirit Fungus is a delicate, fan-shaped artwork created by Southern Song (1127-1279) painter Mu Zhongfu. The artist employs delicate brushwork and round forms to depict the vitality and dynamism of nature. What did the artist intend to convey through this painting? How did the Song Dynasty capture a dynamic moment and transmit their boundless imagination to contemporary viewers? Ye Luying, deputy head of the Department of Illustration and Comics at the China Academy of Art, provides insights.

CGTN's art series "The Song, Painted" is a virtual exhibition of Song Dynasty (960-1279) masterpieces currently housed in museums worldwide. Let's embark on a journey of cultural exploration, zooming in on art from the Song Dynasty and the ethos reflected in the paintings.

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