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Nauru parliament approves motion to restore diplomatic ties with China


The Parliament of Nauru has approved and passed a motion in relation to the restoration of full diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China (PRC), documents seen by CGTN confirm.

President of Nauru David Adeang on Tuesday moved a motion that a resolution approving the resumption of diplomatic relations with the PRC be passed.

"That this August House takes pride and initiative in ensuring that the Republic's national interest takes precedence and continues to remain the overarching priority," the resolution stated.

"That this House recognizes the importance of the Republic's diplomatic relations and how they contribute to the national development of the Republic. In recognizing that the Cabinet in exercise of its authority under 17(1) of the Constitution as the executive authority of Nauru on 15th of January 2024, resolved to resume diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China."

Saying "That the Republic of Nauru recognizes the one-China Principle and adopts the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 in recognizing that there is but one China in the world," the resolution added that "the Government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legal Government representing the whole of China, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory."

"That this August House resolves to support, endorse, and affirm the Government in this decision and pledge to endeavor to strengthen Nauru's diplomatic ties with the People's Republic of China and also with that, the cordial relations between our two sovereign nations in the new spirit of mutual collaboration and co-operation," the resolution continued.

The Republic of Nauru announced on Monday that it would recognize the one-China principle and sever "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan.

Nauru would no longer develop any official relations or official exchanges with Taiwan, the government stated.

China appreciates and welcomes the decision of the government of the Republic of Nauru to recognize the one-China principle, break so-called diplomatic ties with Taiwan, and reestablish diplomatic ties with China, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

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