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Explore Dongshuang Island home to the white-browed goat



The eastern waters of Xiapu County, Fujian Province embrace an island that resembles a huge beast, known as the Dongshuang Island of the Sishuang Archipelago. The wind and tide cast different powers on both sides of the island, dividing it into "half precipice and half greenery." 

The west of Dongshuang Island has another view. The gentle slopes covered with grass have become a natural pasture for goats. 

The native goat of eastern Fujian Province is known as the "eastern Fujian white-browed goat" because there are white lines around the eyes that look like eyebrows. The goat eats all kinds of herbs, especially fresh twigs and leaves. Even the lactating lamb follows the ewe to taste the new shoots. 

These agile climbers prefer walking along the cliffs. Sometimes they look at the sea from the mountaintop. The goat has keen eyesight. With the rectangular pupils parallel to the ground, their eyes can rotate horizontally up to 50 degrees, giving them a nearly panoramic view of their surroundings. 

With the glow of sunset, the herd bathing in the sea breeze becomes part of the magnificent ocean view.

Click the link and enjoy the beautiful view!

Eastern Fujian Series Ep. 1: Natural pasture for goats on the sea

About 'Journeys in Nature: Eastern Fujian Series'

The coastal regions in east China's Fujian Province are rich in biodiversity. Goats endemic to the region climb to the top of the seaside mountains to graze. Sea birds circle the cliffs where their nests have been built. In this series, CGTN Nature will take you to where the mountains meet the ocean. 

(Cover image a video screenshot; video edited by CGTN's Yu Rong)

(If you have specific expertise and want to contribute, or if you have a topic of interest that you'd like to share with us, please email us at nature@cgtn.com.)

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