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Sustainability on the horizon: Planet-loving artworks and treasured dark chocolate

Louisa Lee

 , Updated 17:29, 06-Feb-2024

Concerns about global warming are omnipresent, so it's no surprise that sustainability is already a hot topic. CGTN host Louisa Lee embarks on an eco-friendly adventure as she continues her quest to meet the green visionaries of the Chinese capital.

Louisa first speaks with contemporary artist NYZO, known for her vibrant animal-themed artworks. Inspired by her own pets, her work, which includes drawings and installations, is not only an extension of her love for animals, but also questions human behavior and addresses the consequences of our actions. NYZO tells Louisa that she hopes to raise awareness of the urgent need to protect both animals and the environment through what she does best.

To further explore the idea of "protecting our planet," Louisa sits down with the CEO of To'ak Chocolate James Le Compte, who happens to be in Beijing for the launch of the brand's latest collection, Alchemy.

Claimed to be the finest dark chocolate in the world, To'ak Chocolate is designed to satisfy not only those who enjoy the finer things in life, but also those who care deeply about the world we live in. Born out of a rainforest conservation project in Ecuador, the home of cacao, To'ak Chocolate comes with a long list of purposeful missions. From preserving the rarest cacao variety (Nacional) from the brink of extinction, to paying chocolate farmers above fair trade prices, upcycling byproducts, using sustainable packaging, and supporting local artists by incorporating their work into the brand's packaging, To'ak is leading the way in covering all the ethical bases.

Sourced from the world's oldest and rarest cacao, whose origins can be traced back 5,000 years, this artisanal chocolate has become the global pioneer of tree-to-bar chocolate.

So, the next time you're thinking about buying chocolate, choose a brand that is not merely palatable, but more importantly, try one that goes the extra mile and puts our planet first. And that's what To'ak does exceptionally well.


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