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Chart of the Day: 35 years of China's Antarctic Zhongshan Station


Today marks the 35th anniversary of the completion of China's Antarctic Zhongshan Station, which is the country's second perennial scientific research station in Antarctica. China now has five Antarctic stations, including two summer stations and three all-year stations.

Chart of the Day: 35 years of China's Antarctic Zhongshan Station

Completed on February 26, 1989, the Antarctic Zhongshan Station has an area of 8,000 square meters with summer accommodation for 120 people and winter accommodation for 25 people. The maximum temperature in summer is 9.8℃, extreme minimum temperature in winter is -45.7℃, and the mean annual temperature is -9.9℃.

Located in the Larsemann Hills, the station mainly carries out scientific observation and research such as meteorological observation, polar high-altitude atmospheric physics, ice and snow and atmosphere, ocean, geology, geochemistry, geography and environment monitoring.

Antarctica has immense value for scientific research due to its distinctive geographical conditions and natural environment, changes of which will have incalculable impacts on the global climate and environment. The Qinling Station is China's fifth research station in Antarctica, after the Great Wall, Zhongshan, Kunlun, and Taishan Stations.

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