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China blames Philippines for ship collision in waters near Ren'ai Jiao


 , Updated 14:16, 05-Mar-2024

China on Tuesday accused the Philippines of deliberately ramming a Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) vessel in disregard of China's repeated warnings, as four Philippine vessels illegally entered the waters adjacent to the Ren'ai Jiao of China's Nansha Qundao.

CCG spokesman Gan Yu made the remark after the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said one of its ships was damaged on Tuesday in a collision with a CCG vessel and four Filipino crew were injured. 

"In disregard of China's repeated warnings and in violation of the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) vessel 4407 deliberately rammed the Chinese Coast Guard vessel 21555, which was engaging in normal law enforcement, in an unprofessional and dangerous manner, resulting in a minor scratch, for which the Philippines is fully responsible," Gan said. 

According to the CCG, two PCG ships and two supply boats intruded into waters adjacent to the Ren'ai Jiao to deliver supplies to the illegally "grounded" warship and the CCG responded with regulatory action strictly in line with law and made "temporary special arrangements" against one of its vessels for humanitarian reasons.

"The Philippines has gone back on its word, deliberately stirred up trouble and maliciously hyped up to continuously undermine peace and stability in the South China Sea," Gan said, adding that the CCG is always on alert to respond resolutely to any infringement and provocation and firmly safeguard China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights. 

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