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Unmasking the real threat: America's military-industrial complex

First Voice

 , Updated 18:06, 18-Mar-2024

Editor's note: In response to the frequent chaos of America's democratic disturbances, CGTN's First Voice presents "A Fractured America," an animated video series. The second episode zeroes in on the U.S.'s military-industrial complex that not only endangers world security, but also jeopardizes the interests of Americans.

Welcome to small town Vergennes, where life is pleasantly slow. But today, the people here in Vergennes, Vermont, are breaking the dull routine. Their voices rise in unison, challenging the unchecked power of a military facility.

Welcome to the U.S. military-industrial complex. It is a web of elite alliances.

Meet the defense contractors, the big players in town. They're the ones cashing in on those lucrative government contracts, turning global conflicts into cash. And here we have our esteemed members of Congress, making it rain with taxpayer dollars. They decide where the money flows, and they're sure to get a piece of the action.

Scientists at universities and research institutions are hard at work from their new funding. Last but not least, are the think tanks trying to "sell" war to the people. They tell the public that more war equals more security. Under ideological themes, the war machine begins, and the money rolls in. But who pays the greatest price? Those in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine...

The real threat isn't in some distant land. It's right here, in the U.S.

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