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American Dream or American Mirage?

First Voice


Editor's note: In response to the frequent chaos of America's democratic disturbances, CGTN's First Voice presents the "A Fractured America" animated video series. The third episode zeroes in on the American Dream. Today, America is turning into two Americas – a rich America and a poor America, with class solidification shattering the American Dream that success comes with struggle.

The American Dream. They say it's for all, but is it really? Can anyone achieve it? Or is it only for a select few? The freedom to get high…

New York cheers for its "rights" as the New Year rings in. But those "rights" have led to decay and addiction in the streets.

Those who lost their homes won't get them back. But strangely, the flames didn't touch the rich. Coincidence? A kitten is saved. But what about the people?

Inflation hits. A Gallup Poll says six out of ten Americans feel the pinch.

Two Americas emerge, side by side, yet worlds apart. Justice or just us? Incarceration rates reveal divided justice.

The college debt mountain grows. Education or indentured servitude?

Has the path to greatness become a trail of tears for the common man? A tale of the American Dream, which just compels us to ask: a dream for whom?

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