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CMG launches AI channel and miniseries on digital platform Yangshipin


China Media Group (CMG) launched on its social media platform Yangshipin an artificial intelligence (AI) channel as well as the miniseries "Chinese Mythology" and "Reading Classics with AI" at a ceremony on Friday, attended by CMG President Shen Haixiong and officials from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Radio and Television Administration, among others.

CMG launches an AI channel and AI-generated miniseries in Beijing, China, March 22, 2024. /CMG
CMG launches an AI channel and AI-generated miniseries in Beijing, China, March 22, 2024. /CMG

CMG launches an AI channel and AI-generated miniseries in Beijing, China, March 22, 2024. /CMG

To pursue high-quality development utilizing new quality productive forces, particularly empowered by AI, it is the responsibility of CMG to lead the trend of upgrading the audio-video industry by integrating technological and innovative resources, according to Jiang Wenbo, CMG editorial board member. "Chinese Mythology" is CMG's most recent attempt to put AI-powered productive force into innovative use. In collaboration with research and academic institutions as well as enterprises, CMG seeks to advance with an open mind to achieve win-win outcomes through collective efforts, and transform new quality productive forces, such as AI, into concrete new quality communication power and influence to put CMG ahead in the global media landscape, he said. 

There will be a total of six episodes to "Chinese Mythology," the country's first AI-generated miniseries throughout the whole process, covering classical Chinese mythological stories such as "Patching the Sky," "Chasing the Sun," and "Filling up the Sea." The series will extend the boundaries of the audiences' imagination with the help of AI, while maintaining a sophisticated connection with human society through classic imagery that bears the spirit of this nation through generations. The production process of art and storyboard designs, composition, voicing and video production is entirely AI-powered, jointly created by Yangshipin, CMG's AI lab, and the metaverse lab of Tsinghua University.

Meanwhile, CMG also launched another miniseries, "Reading Classics with AI," which decodes the secret to the longevity of Chinese culture imprinted in the studies of history, literature, agronomy, pharmacy and tea. 

Yangshipin announced its plans to create tourism-centered AI miniseries to help build up the brands of Chinese cities featuring culture and tourism, as well as the first AI-themed gala to invite leading figures of the industry to attend and showcase the vast potential of AI applications, exhibiting China's breakthroughs in AI.

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