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China's innovation on energy storage is attracting global attention

China urgently needs robust energy storage solutions. /CFP
China urgently needs robust energy storage solutions. /CFP

China urgently needs robust energy storage solutions. /CFP

China's power sector is undergoing a historic transformation, shifting from coal to cleaner renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. However, this transition presents a new challenge: the inherent variability of these renewables.

Unlike coal-fired plants where production can be easily adjusted, the wind and sun provide only intermittent energy, which disrupts the smooth flow of power on the grid and complicates using them on a large scale.

The solution lies in advanced energy storage solutions – essentially, giant "batteries" that can capture excess renewable energy when production is high and release it back into the grid when demand spikes.

A recent report by China Media Group (CMG) highlights China's remarkable achievement – renewable energy generation capacity now surpasses coal.

This milestone underscores the urgency of developing robust energy storage solutions. The government, recognizing this need, has included energy storage as a key focus area in its latest policy roadmap.

China's innovative approach is attracting significant global attention. A national innovation hub in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province, has become a magnet for international collaborators.

Enterprises, organizations and institutions from Uzbekistan, Chile, and Egypt have visited the facility in recent months, and foreign companies are eager to partner with Chinese firms.

This international interest extends beyond collaboration – Li Yitao, co-president of the hub, reports that even foreign students are actively seeking research opportunities in China's burgeoning energy storage sector.

CMG reporters visiting the venue encountered a fascinating array of cutting-edge storage technologies. These included "gravity cube" systems that convert electricity into potential energy, compressed air energy storage solutions, and even massive battery installations the size of soccer fields.

The local government in Guangzhou reflects the city's ambitious vision for this sector. Lin Zhifeng, deputy head of investment promotion for Baiyun District, expects the industry to be worth trillions of yuan and has allocated a vast plot of land specifically for the commercialization of these new energy storage technologies.

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