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Panda cub captured by infrared cameras in the wild



Two infrared cameras have captured footages of a four-month-old wild giant panda cub and its mother in the Baiyang Nature Reserve in Songpan County, southwest China's Sichuan Province.

This is the first time that a four-month-old panda cub has been spotted in the Baiyang Nature Reserve.

In the footage from February 28, an adult female panda walked across the screen, followed closely by a cub that quickly crawled forward with its short legs, as if it were afraid of losing its mother.

In the footage captured on March 2, an adult female panda appeared first, and then a panda cub followed its path and walked into the screen from the upper right corner. The cub then entered the forest.

These cameras were installed by the county's forestry and grassland bureau to observe and protect wild animals. Staff members of the bureau collected footage when they patrolled the forests.

The staffers analyzed and compared the location of the cameras, the time of recording, the activities of the giant pandas, and their regional habitat, and determined that the two infrared cameras captured the same mother and cub.

According to staff members, nearly half of all panda births result in twins, but it is very rare for both cubs to survive in the wild. The mother usually chooses one cub to nurse and raise. After the cub turns one and a half years old, the mother expels the cub to live independently.

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