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Incredible Odyssey: In search of China's roaming giants



Editor's note: Over the last decades, communication across the Taiwan Straits has fluctuated, yet cross-Straits connection has remained strong and resilient. As today's youth wield the ability to mold the future, it becomes imperative for the younger generations on both sides to get more closely acquainted. The three-episode documentary series, "Incredible Odyssey," tells three unique and exciting stories. From the majestic migration of Asian elephants in southwest Yunnan Province to the sports-driven rural revitalization in Guizhou's Rongjiang County and the awe-inspiring spiritual heart of Lhasa in Xizang, each episode reveals the remarkable stories shaping these regions.

In 2021, a remarkable event captured global attention when a herd of Asian elephants ventured northward, placing Xishuangbanna, a prefecture nestled in China's southwest Yunnan Province, in the international spotlight. This awe-inspiring migration not only garnered widespread fascination but also piqued the interest of Tung Yu-lin, singer and actor from the Taiwan region, making him wonder what made these giants leave their homeland. Motivated by curiosity, Tung Yu-lin embarked on a journey to explore the terrain of these majestic creatures, venturing into the verdant realms of southwest Yunnan Province, China.

In enchanting tropical rainforests, creatures fulfill their unique roles, harmoniously maintaining ecological balance. Asian elephants, the guardians of this realm, play a pivotal role in preserving this equilibrium.

Raised amidst these majestic creatures, Dong Rui inherited his father's fervor for rainforest preservation. He is now a ranger. His upbringing instilled a deep respect for these giants. Sadly, a friend's tragedy in the rainforest intensified Dong Rui's reflections on human-wildlife dynamics. He contends that maintaining distance exemplifies true respect and affection for these beings. Such beliefs honor his lost friend, and underscore his profound reverence for nature and life.

This episode delves into the factors that led Asian elephants to leave their natural habitat, highlighting China's efforts to safeguard these majestic animals. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the deep-rooted affection and respect locals hold for these creatures, and witness their dedicated conservation efforts.

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